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    New Rice Menu
    Our new healthy rice cooked using olive oil
    and fresh ingredients
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    Student Program
    by Healthy Calorie
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    SALAD Always Fresh
    all product prepared daily using fresh ingredients.

Calorie Diet™

Healthy Calorie exists to make a difference between healthy food & junk food by offering fresh experience with great taste within a caloric content. Start your own Calorie Diet by balancing your caloric input ( food ) with your caloric output (exercise)

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Riffa Views International School

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To work with communities to end hunger & poverty and care for the Earth

About Us

Healthy Calorie vision is to always be a leader in the fast-casual dinning and quick service industry while growing our company wisely and organically to bring healthy food choices to communities all over the world

our mission is to source high-quality ingredients and nurture our team to make healthy calorie food accessible to all people at a reasonable price

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